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Pickpocket Wrestling (PW) is a minimalist sport for two players--each player requires a single playing card to play.

To begin, each player puts one card on the back of one of their hands and balances it there without touching it with any other body parts. Both players then stand two feet apart from each other. Now, on either player’s count of three, both players must do everything in their power to make the other player drop their card. The first player whose card falls off of their hand loses, the remaining player wins.

The preceding paragraph wasn't just a preview, it's the entire rulesheet for the game. You can play it right now, if you have a friend and two ordinary playing cards from a Poker deck. You don't need to download the PDF! The PDF is only for people who REALLY want official PW cards, or else just want to own a 2 page PDF containing the exact same screenshots I've already posted on this itch page (plus some other information that's also repeated on this Itch page)!

Heck, you don't even have to use cards--you can use, like, two tennis balls, or two plastic cups filled with liquid, if you want (I'd recommend playing it outside if you do the second one).

That said, if you play it in whatever form you want, please leave a comment letting me know if you enjoyed yourself! I hope to hear from you.


Pickpocket Wrestling PRINT AND PLAY.pdf 3 MB

Install instructions

The download on this page is a PDF containing two cards. It is designed to be printed double sided, preferably on 110 lb cardstock paper, but I'm not a cop and you can do what you want. Only download the PDF if you really want to--you can play this with just regular playing cards using the rulesheet I've already posted on this page! I don't care if this game does badly! I made this for fun!

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