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Over the course of the previous year, I REALLY went all in on zines about my character Lizzie Smithson--like, I made a few attempts at my dream project, which I think turned out good if imperfect--this zine, however, is much more scattershot than everything else I've been working on this year. Most of its contents started as unrelated one shots that I didn't really intend to have any connective tissue--a couple of these were made for game jams. It's basically a collection of all the ideas I've had this year that I liked but didn't know what to do with.

I'm proud of this little package, though! I think it's a nice variety pack. I think I've done some interesting things with the character here, and I'll leave it to you to find out what. I'm just glad the year's ove--WAIT THERE'S ANOTHER MONTH??? X_x

Anyway, to add some clarity--I'm charging a couple of dollars for the illustrated PDFs--one of them is just the full book, the other is a specially modified version intended to be printed as a physical copy (you basically print it out double sided, cut it in half across the short end, and fold the two halves together and staple to make the book)--the text only version, which contains everything you need if you actually want to play any of these (or in case you can't read my handwriting lol) is free though! I consider the illustrations kind of important to the overall effect of the work (and my work in general) but if you don't want it, then by all means!

That said, ONLY pay if you really want the PDF! I'll give you a link right here if you want to just see the images online. The neocities page this is on is a pretty solid record of all the stuff I've done with my character btw! Here's the link: https://lizziesmithson.neocities.org/Zines.html#134

And with that, I think I've said everything I needed to say! See you next year, fools!


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