I made these webcomics, or "webcomics" in quotes, out of old art I'd drawn for a couple of card games I've made (also included on my itch)--I was and am very proud of those card games, and a particular thing I liked about the art is that you could basically pull together simple procedural narrative together by just drawing the cards in a random order and seeing what stories result from it.

So these webpages are basically an adaptation of that experience.

I'm aware the art in these is pretty bad--I can draw better now, and you can see for yourself if you want, by checking out the zines on my itch (I particularly like Six Tiny Endless Games).

Sometimes you make something just for you, you know?

Anyway, the only reason I preferred Sly Cooper to One Armed Robbery (which is specifically designed as a riff on Sly Cooper) is that Sly Cooper's aesthetic kind of reminded me of a 2000s webcomic--well, now I have no reason to prefer Sly over my own creations, cause if I want to experience a game that's kind of like a webcomic, I can just go straight to the real thing. /egotistical

Anyway, please enjoy, if this seems like the kind of thing you'd be into.

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