Head Games Volume 2 is a collection of extremely small games that you play entirely within your own brain. The original Head Games (included in the Lizzie Smithson webcomic season 1 pdf) was more or less a compilation of coping strategies I use to deal with my anxiety (I was also recently diagnosed with autism, which might shed some light on the whole Lizzie Smithson project)--volume 2 is my attempt to actually design games that a human being would want to play.

Specifically, in volume 2 I was attempting to account for a wide-ish variety of different thinking styles--theres a math game, there's a game where you visualize a piece of art, there's a game where you play music in your head, there's a really sick word game that I'm really proud to have made (seriously--in my opinion, it's better than Wordle)--not all of them are good (there's a different word game included that is much worse than Wordle--see if you can figure out which is which!), but I suppose this particular project is fairly likely to outlive me.

Is it okay to just release single minicomics by themselves on itch? I saw some other people releasing 4 page zines, so i guess its okay? Well here it is anyway.

Recently changed this page to play in a web browser, with a new plain text mode for accessibility--downloading will still give you the pdf, but I'm also including thehigh resolution image files, as a bonus.


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